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WCVB-TV's Chronicle will be featuring the Wheeler Brothers' General Store on an upcoming show!

Click here to see NECN's video of the General Store
Tune in to WBUR-FM 90.9 Friday Morning at 6:50, 7:50, 8:50 and 9:50 to hear Bob Oakes' interview with SH&A's Jay Beard.

The 1845 Wheeler Brothers' General Store

1814 Abijah Clarke Federal period house

The Wheeler Brother's General Store, started in 1845. When Silas Wheeler closed the store in 1968, everything from grains to tools, to silk stockings and sporting goods were left on the shelves, where they have sat undisturbed since.

1814 Abijah Clarke Federal period house completely original with eleven rooms and attached barn, is historically important, on the Mass ten most endangered list, This house is as you would have seen it in the 1800ís

Sale Preview Dates and Location

  • Thursday, Nov 15th 
    (For Hubbardston Residents Only)

  • Friday, Nov 16th, 3pm - 7pm 

  • Saturday, Nov 17th , 11am- 3 pm 

  • Sunday, Nov 18th   from 8:30 am

Click the link below for a map and driving directions to:
Wheeler Brothers' General Store
One Main St.
Hubbardston, Ma

Sale Date and Location

  • Sunday, Nov 18th, 11:00am (EST)

From the East take rt. 2 exit #24. 
From the West take rt. 2 exit #24B
Discounted room rates available for auction attendees - just tell them Simond Hill sent you.

Click the link below for a map and driving directions to:

The Colonial Hotel
625 Betty Spring Road
Gardner Ma
Hotel phone - 978-630-2500

On-line Auction Details

  Icollector.com and Ebay Live! will cybercast the auction in real time.  If you can't make it out to Hubbardston, MA, click your browser to the site shown below.  Please see the Icollector.com and Ebay Live! site for details in advance, as they require registration.

Both Icollector.com and Ebay Live! require Bidder Verification.  This process take up to two or three hours depending on traffic.  You are encouraged to register in advance.  Please take a few minutes now to register so that you won't miss any items! For your convenience we've added these direct links :

Click here NOW to register for Icollector.com and save valuable time before the auction!

Click here NOW to register for Ebay Live! and save valuable time before the auction!

More than an Auction
There is more to this auction than unique items. Everything is in place, and apart from the sale, attendees can actually experience the sounds, smells and scale of yesterday. There are no fold out tables covered in paper table clothes displaying items out of context at this preview. This is the real thing.

The few short days of the preview may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk around a functional General Store, and feel the heat from the woodstove on a cold November afternoon.  It is a true full-size time capsule, bringing us back to a far different time. 

 In addition to the store's contents on the shelves in 1968, we have uncovered hundreds of unsold items dating back to the 1800's, and historic artifacts from  Hubbardston's and Massachusetts' past.  These include the furnishings of the Post Office, and a five foot by five foot map of the living cities of Enfield, Prescott before they were covered by the Quabbin Reservoir.  The scope of this auction is breathtaking. 

 Visit our links below to learn more about the men who started the store, their rebellious ancestor, and the delightful town of Hubbardston  You may like it enough to bid on an eleven-room farm house with attached barn, or 1937 Chevy delivery truck with it's 2002 inspection sticker!

Our Press
Historic store, contents to be auctioned
HUBBARDSTON-- As Jay Beard and his team work inside the old Wheeler Brothers' General Store, preparing it and its contents for sale, they have almost reached the point where they do not notice the people outside with their heads pressed against the windows trying to see what is inside.

Click above for the two complete articles by George Barnes.  It's been a pleasure talking with you, George!  Thanks for helping us get to the AP wire!  You put us on the map!  We've heard from as far away as Portland, OR,  Miami, Texas and Maryland for interviews.  

Local Media
The Wheeler General Store will be featured on:
Jay and Bob Oakes in the Store Jay and Ted Reinstein and Judy out by the Clark House

WBUR FM 90.9 Morning Edition with Bob Oakes Friday Morning ten minutes before the hour, throughout the morning.  Thanks Bob! Great job!  We could not have been happier with the segment!  Your genuine warmth and kindness was accurately reflected in the segment.  And Mr. Wheeler was also happy that the Chevy turned over!

WCVB TV's Chronicle is filming the store and the auction this week for future broadcast.  Ted, you're a real pro!  After working with you, we're sure the segment will capture the whole of the auction and it's significance.  Thank you very much. 

New England Cable News (NECN) aired a wonderful segment featuring Bill Wheeler and SH&A's Ken Katz.  And No!  the Ether, Alcohol and Chloroform mixture evaporated a few decades ago!


WTAG-AM 580 with Hank Stoltz
ran a fifteen minute interview with Jay Friday morning.  Hank, your many fans in the Hubbardston area loved the show and made many positive comments during the auction previews.  You're very well thought of up here!  Thank you!  (If you'd to e-mail Hank, just click his picture.)

WFXT Fox 25 with Kerri-Lee Halkett  ran a wonderful piece on the Store Thursday night.  We loved the sound track, great touch!  Thank you for your patience and also to the Hubbardston folks who were great while waiting a few minutes to allow us to shoot the video!

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